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We searched for an impeccable line of skincare that offered outstanding quality and promised results. All our hopes were answered in the BIOELEMENTS line.  BIOELEMENTS is always on the cutting edge of what is new in our industry; they have always exceeded our expectations.  With this in mind, we’ll describe some of our facials.  Keep in mind that each facial is totally unique for each individual and custom blended for you.

Bioelements Customized Facial


This facial is wonderful! We analyze your skin and customize the facial right for you.  Enjoy our private room with a warmed bed, heated towels, cleansing and masks to bring forth beautiful skin.  Smooth fine lines and create smoother surfaces for putting your best face forward.  Very relaxing.

Amber Paraffin Mud Facial


Renews your skins youthfulness and bring it back to life with this moisturizing treatment.  We apply layers of paraffin mud which moisturizes the skin like nothing you’ve ever felt.  The benefits from a paraffin facial last many weeks and you will notice younger looking skin.

*not recommended for claustrophobic guests.

Microdermabrasion Facial


Does your skin feel sluggish?  Our bioelements microdermabrasion products help bring back your healthy glow.  We cleanse the skin, apply warm towels, and remove dead skin cells.  While the product works its magic it is still gentle enough for our sensitive skin guests.  This facial includes a facial massage... a relaxing treat. 

New!  The Ultimate Facial


Everything you've come to love about our customized facial, but this wonderful treatment includes arm and hand massage with reflexology, for a completely relaxing treatment.

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