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Reflexology for the Hands and Feet

The therapy of reflexology is based on the idea that health giving energy flows around the body. When this energy flows freely, physical and mental well-being is maintained. If the energy flow is blocked or sluggish, a person can become unwell and unhappy.

A Reflexologist applies gentle pressure to points on the feet and this can be used to stimulate energy flow. Coupled with wonderful oils, your feet will love you for it!

Foot or Hand Reflexology including soothing soak

Total time is 10 minutes longer than listed time.

30 minutes $48

45 minutes $65

Stone Therapy Reflexology

Add to any treatment for $10

Warm Oil Relaxation Treatment

A warm oil body treatment is a relaxing experience. This treatment includes heated table, warmers, warm oil, and ends with reflexology of the hands and feet. You won't believe how stress free you will feel after one of these very special treatments.

1 hour $78

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